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At minimum, two different bids lay in front of you. One is cheaper than the other, but why? Questions like this and many others often come up when searching for the right contractor. Our goal at True Home Builders is to help you with all of the twists and turns of construction and give you peace of mind that you chose the right partner to lead you in this exciting journey.


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At True Home Builders the most important word is TRUE!

True Home Builders is a family founded on these core values; integrity, honesty and quality. It does not matter if you are working with Michelle, Ami, or any other team member; we want you to know that we carefully select people who hold our company core values and we pledge to give you TRUE information, TRUE service and TRUE quality of work.

Why are True Home Builders the right choice?

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True information

We give you honest and completely transparent pricing, guaranteed. We don't have hidden fees or change orders. Most importantly, we do not take for granted that you as a client entrust us with a valuable asset. We'll guide you through building your project based on your personalized budget, not based on ours.​

True Service

Not only will we give you the best customer service experience, we will be your one stop shop for the entire process from planning and designing to city permits and approvals to demolition and project completion. We are your partner the whole way through.

True quality of work

How do we guarantee quality craftsmanship? Every single True Home Builder team member is a perfectionist and has the experience and training needed to deliver a quality product in their trade. We hand pick each team member and give them the tools they need to deliver the finest work.

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