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If you can dream it, we can make it happen. We’ve been bringing dream bathroom ideas to life for over 25 years. In that time we’ve seen and done it all, honing our bathroom remodeling expertise in order to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

We understand how difficult and frustrating the process of a bathroom remodel can be. This is why we’ve developed a system for delivering on your bathroom ideas without the usual hassle and let-downs common in the industry.

Our system is based on three essential things: trust, reliability, and a strong commitment to price transparency. Combined, all three allow us at True Home Builders to turn even the most hazy bathroom remodeling dreams into reality.

Our consistent delivery on our promises even recently landed us the award, “Best Houzz” for Customer Service. We are keen to add your Los Angeles or Orange County bathroom remodeling success story to our growing list of happy customers.

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Our 5-Step Successful Approach

Step 1: Setting the Budget

In the remodeling space, budgets and their overruns are a major problem for customers. We’ve often been called in to clean up some budgeting mess that has left a customer pulling their hair out. At True Home Builders, we make sure that the budget set at the start sees the project through from start to finish. This puts us, but more importantly, you, on very safe ground. The peace of mind that comes with knowing a rigorous budgeting process is completed at the start cannot be overemphasized. We keep a meticulous tab on the current prices and trends, allowing you to set your budget and forget it.
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Step 2: Planning & Design

The next most important part of the process in delivering a successful bathroom remodel is the planning and design stage. We ensure that the final result is exactly what you want by painstakingly listening to your ideas, then creating a concrete plan. Our designers cover all the important bases; they use their breadth of knowledge to advise you on what works and what doesn’t. All this is done in a warm, supporting way without crowding out your ideas and wishes.

Step 3: Getting Permits

Most remodeling dreams have one major hurdle to overcome – permits. The process of getting permits to do a bathroom remodel in Orange County or Los Angeles can be fraught with frustration and confusion. Often, the frustration and confusion can lead to delays in getting a project started. This is why we take on the hassle of navigating the permit process for all our customers’ building and remodeling projects. This relieves you of the headaches of dealing with state building agencies and allows us to start your project faster.

Step 4: Purchasing of Materials

A successful budget in step one frees up the movement for the stage of acquiring the materials that will be needed to complete your dream build or remodel. We provide you with a comprehensive buying guide. This guide gives all the tips for targeting the best suppliers, ensuring you keep on budget and get the best quality materials for your new build or remodel project. Our strong support at this stage minimizes the chances of project delays and hiccups.

Step 5: Construction

This last stage is the highlight for us. We love getting the actual construction underway because we know your vision will finally start taking shape. Using our industry-leading workflow and patient attention to detail, we build out your project keeping to the concrete plan we laid out earlier in the process. Throughout the construction process you’ll be kept up to date with our progress. And since we work tirelessly to ensure there are no construction snags, you can wait patiently and without worry until we put the final touches on your dream bathroom.

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